About Us

Our eyes are extraordinary.

Our eyes are extraordinary. They are essential for writers and singers, for painters, photographers and film-makers. And, of course, for each and every one of us.

We don't realize how precious our eyesight really is until it is at risk – until it becomes clear that a surgery  is required in order to preserve it. We then entrust perhaps the most valuable of our five senses to people in a particular profession: ophthalmic surgeons and their teams.

At RUCK, we share this huge responsibility with our partners in ophthalmic surgery every single day. And we are proud of the role we play in this respect. It is in recognition of this responsibility that we develop systems for ophthalmic surgery, look after our customers, select the right products and ensure optimum conditions for all aspects of work on human eyesight. We have been doing all this for more than 35 years – and our enthusiasm grows each day.

Welcome to RUCK.

Customer focus was inherent in our business from the outset.

The origins of several characteristics that are often described as "typically RUCK" can be found in our company's founding history.

Fritz Ruck was a man of action. What's more, he was a service provider through and through. Many people who have had ties with our company for decades can tell stories about the impossible made possible. Fritz Ruck founded our company after his employer did not respond with enough enthusiasm when he came to him with new ideas from one of his most imaginative customers.

To this day, these kinds of customers play an important role in the development of our company. They are our inspiration, our drivers and our critics: An intensive dialog with users and their teams provides the impetus for improvements, developments and new services.

"Maybe we just have different priorities"

Many rankings show particularly high employee and customer satisfaction values for family-run medium-sized businesses. What is the reason behind this?

Is it the size of the company – which remains manageable in spite of growth – that makes the difference for RUCK? "I think that, regardless of all of the other arguments, people simply notice when you are being sincere," says Michael Ruck. And that is of paramount importance. Because "we must never forget that companies do not have a life of their own. Companies are made up of the people that work for them. And, as you would expect, it is much easier to implement common values in manageable companies with strong regional ties, such as RUCK, than it would be in a global group with umpteen thousand employees." read more…

And which values occupy center stage? "Responsibility – even when it is not profitable. Reliability – even when times are hard. Continuity, genuine commitments. Relationships and qualities are not evaluated using a calculator. Maybe we just have different priorities. And, for this reason, people also have a different experience with us."

Systems provider.

Today, RUCK is the only independent European manufacturer with its own development and service departments, along with a wide trading portfolio. RUCK's identity as a systems provider is characterized by its ability to offer a complete range for ophthalmic surgery.

In our dual role of manufacturer and distributor , we are able to cover the largest part of our customers' needs from a single source. For our customers, this saves time, and ensures compatibility and the ability to plan ahead. An additional benefit is provided in the form of superior flexibility within the portfolio: With regard to product groups that are advancing relatively rapidly, we are not dependent on our own capacity planning. This means that we can provide our customers with the most interesting products from leading manufacturers around the world.

Give and take

In many regions, ophthalmic care is not yet possible at the level that we now take for granted. In these regions, significant progress can be achieved for people with an often relatively manageable amount of effort. We enjoy taking part in suitable projects of this kind. And we get at least as much back in terms of experience and the knowledge that we have taken part in meaningful projects as we put in in terms of material, help and advice.