Significant Turnout at RUCK’s Distributors Meeting in Eindhoven

Only just over a year has passed since the consolidated RUCK management team presented its concept for opening additional international markets. But even at this early stage, the plan is quickly proving successful: When the ophthalmic surgery systems provider from Eschweiler invited its sales partners from around the world to share their experiences, the  target group  grew by more than a third within 12 months.

"Made in Germany is still a  promise for success in the world markets," said one participant, summarizing his experience as an international sales partner, "and RUCK fulfills this promise to a great extent." This kind of praise is well received in Eschweiler and is the perfect complement to the figures achieved by the company: A prompt increase in turnover of 19% in international sales provides gratifying confirmation that the company is taking the right course. And the initial indications for 2017 also show a sharp increase.

"Our dual role as a manufacturer and  trading company not only makes us an interesting partner for ophthalmic surgery in the domestic market, moreover our own experience as a distributor also helps us to more effectively assess and meet the needs of our distribution partners abroad," says Andreas Schabbach, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at RUCK.

Theory and practice

Dr. Frank Kerkhoff, Medical Director at FYEO Medical near Eindhoven, provided infor-mation on day-to-day work in the operating room. Kerkhoff used various live surgeries with the Qube® pro as well as additional videos to demonstrate the qualities that RUCK is using to unveil continuously increasing customer potential both at home and around the world.

With regard to practice: It is easy for interested ophthalmic surgeons to get an idea of what is involved. RUCK will be happy to arrange an appointment in the wet lab at this year's DOC, stand III/3…